Chapin Sisters Press


Video Premiere - Watch: The Chapin Sisters, “Lost”: January 2019

“It is a meditation on remembering to stay in the now, choose hope over despair.” - Lily Chapin



Rolling Stone: 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: August 2018

“‘Bottle of Wine’ is a waltzing, elliptical tale of imbibing love’s buzz and coping with the excess.” - Rolling Stone



Pop Matters: The Chapin Sisters Lament a Damaged Relationship on "Bottle of Wine" (premiere): August 2018

"The Straight-forward, honest songwriting married to the most gorgeous of vocals is a potent mix indeed." - PopMatters on 'Bottle of Wine’



KCRW: The Chapin Sisters: Ferry Boat: May 2018

"... we are treated to the title track 'Ferry Boat,' which is a prime example that a good harmony and guitar is all you need." - KCRW



"Sibling harmonies rise above gentle strums as The Chapin Sisters tenderly tell a tale of their hearts eating with 'Dreaming of You'. The guitar playing has a light touch, the voices majestic as the story grows dark in the absence of words of love.”



"Siblings Abigail and Lily Chapin got their start singing on their father Tom Chapin’s children’s albums, perfecting the harmonies they now employ on this title track to their new EP Ferry Boat. A delicate folk song that uses the boat as a metaphor for traversing over love’s often turbulent waters, it bluntly asks if a romance can “exist once more.”